Improve the Performance of Your Web Site

  • Get visitors to buy and improve your Sales.
  • Get visitors to contact you.
  • Improve your search engine ranking.

Have Your Web Site Professionally Reviewed

For one reason or another, your web site may not work. It may not be producing the desired responses from your visitors and it may actually be a liability to your business instead of an asset. There are many reasons why this can happen. ABC Site Design will analyze your site and will tell you where you need to improve it to make it a more effective marketing and sales tool . Your site will be reviewed with the following considerations in mind. After the review is complete, you will receive the results by E-mail.

Evaluate Your Site For -

  • User Interface.
    • Visual Impression
    • Usability
    • Navigation
    • Forms
    • Privacy Policy
    • Site Layout
    • "Stickiness"
  • Mechanics.
    • Browser Compatibility
    • Link Verification
    • Image File Compression
    • HTML Code Validity
    • Bloated Code
    • Spelling
    • Loading Speed
  • Search Engine Compatibility.
    • Keyword Placement
    • Keyword Density
    • Search Engine Ranking
    • Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing Aspects.
    • Useful Content
    • Effective Copy Writing
    • Readability
    • Customer Focus
    • Market Identification
    • Achievement of Site Goals

Web site Review Fees

  • Web Sites 15 pages or less - $150
  • Web Sites 16 pages to 25 pages - $ 225
  • Larger web sites will be quoted on an individual basis

Lets Get Started

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After the review is complete, we will present our findings to you. If you decide to have ABC Site Design modify or redesign your web site, the full cost of the review will be applied to the redesign fee.