Getting Your Site Seen

Most web surfing begins at a search engine. Entering the topic your looking for and clicking search. Those who rank well in the search engines receive most of the traffic.

Ranking High in the search engines start with the underlying design of a web page. Each page in a site should be designed to rank well.

Search engines often change the way they rank sites, and with many other sites competing for the top listing, its a constant battle to keep a site ranked in the top 30. We at ABC Site Design, create every new page with this in mind.

To keep a site ranked well, they need to be updated regularly.

We Offer an Optimization Service

  • Monthly reviews of current ranking.
  • Tracking what keywords were used to access your site. *
  • Modify pages to improve ranking. **
  • Resubmit site to major search engines.

The process can take from 3 to 6 months to make significant improvements in ranking.

Web site Search Engine Optimization Fee

  • Web site hosted at ABC Site Hosting - $15/month.
  • Web site hosted elsewhere - $85/hr (typically 1hr/month).

*Keyword tracking available only to sites hosted on ABC Site Hosting servers.
**All visual changes are submitted to the client for approval.