Designing A New Web Site

At ABC Site Design, your new web site development will go through four distinct phases.

Phase 1

We will respond by E-mail or telephone and begin initial discussions to determine your web site requirements and preferences. We will also answer the many questions you may have.

After we have defined your web site needs, we will submit a Web Site Design Proposal to you. It will contain a cost quote and the description of your web site as we understand it.

Upon your approval of the Proposal, we will submit a Web Site Design Contract for your signature. The contract will define the scope of the work to be done and the responsibilities of ABC Inc. Web Site Development (that's us) and the customer (you). You will then return the contract with your initial payment. We require one half of the contract cost at contract signing.

Phase 2

When we receive the signed contract, we will begin the detailed design of your site. This is where your basic layout and format are developed. Phase 2 tasks include:

  • Acquisition of your domain name.
  • Development of a site map that defines the pages and page relationships within your site.
  • Creation of the navigation structure of your site.
  • Design of a web page layout that will form the basis of all of the pages in your site.
  • Submission of preliminary customer inputs.

All of the work on your web site will be done online at ABC Site Design so that you can watch your new site develop. This also insures that you know what you are buying and that there are no surprises when it is time for you to review the preliminary web site.

When this phase is complete, the preliminary web site will be submitted for your approval. Phase 2 concludes with the second payment of one quarter of the contract cost.

Phase 3

It is during this phase that your individual pages are created and built into a web site through the following steps.

  • Set up hosting.
  • Creation of the individual pages.
  • Linking of all pages.
  • Development of graphics.
  • Incorporation of special features.
  • Submission of final customer inputs.
  • Fine tuning of individual pages for search engine optimization.

As with the previous effort, your site will be developed on line. Upon completion of the design, the site will once again be submitted for your approval. Phase 3 concludes with the final payment of one quarter of the contract cost.

Phase 4

During this final phase, we perform any required final clean up and submit your site to the search engines and directories. We also turn over all passwords and ownership of the site to you.